Bingaman & Son Lumber

Scott Shaffer
VP of Yard Operations

1195 Creek Mountain Road
P.O. Box 247
Kreamer, PA 17833
(570) 374-1108

Bingaman & Son Lumber, Clarendon Division, purchased VisionTally in October of 2008 and we hope to install a second VisionTally at our Kreamer yard in 2013. It was 2007 when I first heard about VisionTally. I was intrigued, so we formed a team to shoot down this concept and this method of tallying. Our team shifted our focus to installation after running and double checking each board on five loads of lumber.

Why VisionTally – three reasons:

  1. Simplicity on the opposite side of complexity – I love walking into the building where VisionTally is housed and watch a pack being scanned. Having an IT background I have a sense of the complexity taking place. There is no ruler on the end of a handheld or a coworker that needs to put a mark on any board end to inform length. Once the scan is complete, the square end of the pack is displayed detailing each board. It is fun to watch the facial expressions of a visitor seeing a scan for the first time. I remember the employee that asked to bring his dad to work to see VT in action. VT moves from complexity to creating an easy to understand, relevant tally in a few minutes.
  2. Integrity – VisionTally enhances customer trust; we were challenged one time on a VisionTally scan. That customer is a proud owner of VisionTally today. VisionTally creates an environment of integrity; you are invoicing exactly what is in each pack of lumber. VT needs no fancy title, it acts now and even uncovers mistakes without being told over and over what to watch for.
  3. Dependability – The lumber industry puts much weight on the shoulders of employees asked to work diligently tallying each and every board accurately. Many well intentioned employees fail to deliver. We can get by with a wrong tally once or twice, but more than that your dependability starts to take a hit. This industry can be a uncertain journey, VT creates a dependability so leadership can concentrate on other areas knowing they have a dependable tally each and every scan.

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