Unique Features of VisionTally

Actual measurements are produced with laser accuracy

  • All other methods of end-tallying lumber use some form of human judgment.
  • All other actual measurements require the boards to be individually measured outside the bundle.

Actual board lengths are measured

  • All other end-tally methods use estimated board lengths, including those using board length marks.
  • Footage lost by estimating board lengths is recovered using VisionTally.
  • VisionTally lets you use 6-inch lengths for measuring and tallying import and export lumber.
  • VisionTally measures the actual lineal footage contained in millwork bundles.

Wane is automatically detected and analyzed

  • VisionTally automatically adjusts actual width measurements to account for detected wane on both even and jagged ends of each board.

No special bundle preparation or length marks are required

  • Standard, typical bundles of multi-length boards are processed by VisionTally.

Key Benefits of Using VisionTally...