How VisionTally Works

  1. Bundles are placed between VisionTally's two scanning towers using a chain-feed system or scan bench, then scanned and tallied automatically:

    The lift driver or VisionTally operator enters appropriate data to be associated with the tally (grade, species, etc) using a keyboard and monitor or a hand held wireless touch screen tablet.

    VisionTally interacts with the chain-feed PLC and automatically feeds bundles into position for scanning.

    VisionTally automatically scans and measures the actual width and length of each board using rugged, high-precision cameras and laser optics. Actual board measurements are then used to create nominal tallies using NHLA rules. The scanning, measuring, and tallying time is just two minutes per bundle, during which no personnel attention is required.

    VisionTally interacts with the chain feed PLC and automatically feeds bundles onto the out-feed chains.

  2. Accurate footage together with a graphical image of the scan results is immediately displayed on the wireless console. The occasional split or merged boards can be quickly adjusted. Review and adjustments typically take less than one minute. Board footage remains accurate regardless of piece count.

  3. Scan results are then formatted for electronic transfer to business computer systems. Optionally, VisionTally can also print out bundle tags to Windows standard tag printers.